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Animal Collective @ Union Transfer.

October 30, 2013

AnimalCollective11Text and images by Mina Lee.

On Monday, Animal Collective hypnotized a sold out crowd at the Union Transfer for the second night in a row.

At most shows, head bobbing is the closest audiences come to dancing. However, almost every person in the club Monday – including UT employees – danced, utilizing every limb like they were alone in their bedroom throughout the whole show.

Frontman Dan Deacon urged the audience to “dance like a hamburger” and split the venue for a dance competition. Adorned in both extravagant costumes and simple masks, bodies merged in the center of the floor to thrash under spotlights.

It seemed that the amount of energy had already hit a peak as glowsticks were tossed, bodies bumped and screams of “I love you, Dan!” filled the air.

Yet, when Animal Collective slowly entered a brilliantly colored stage, the stomps and screams of excitement vibrated along the barrier and beneath feet in an unimaginably massive magnitude.

Cases of the Mondays were driven out of existence by intense visuals and frenzied dancing.

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