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Gabe Fulvimar of Gap Dream: “I Didn’t Move to California. I Moved to Burger.”

October 4, 2013

Our Nikki Volpicelli spoke with Gabe Fulvimar of Gap Dream. The band performs at the First Unitarian Church tonight with The Growlers, Cosmonauts, Together PANGEA, Habibi, The Memories and Colleen Green (see here for show details).

Find me someone who loves Burger more than Gap Dream’s Gabe Fulvimar and I will find you a liar.

The Cleveland-born musical collaborator breathes, eats — even sleeps — Burger. You see, when Fulvimar moved to California last December, he locked in a spot in a storage space behind the Fullerton-based record label and shop’s record shop. That’s where he still lives today.

“I didn’t move to California. I moved to Burger,” he says over the phone while apologizing for the constant screech of the car alarm that’s going off around him somewhere in Salt Lake City. That’s where the Burgerama Tour has dropped down to play for the night. He tells me the Osmonds are from there. I tell him that explains a lot. He says it’s a religious experience, or you know — some kind of far-out-land of rare spirituality in all of the SLC local. That’s what it feels like.

The Burgerama Tour is familiar to him. In 2010, when the label budgeted some groups into a touring vehicle and sent them across the country, Fulvimar made it to the Cleveland show. It was there that he met Lee Rickard, one the label’s co-founders. They talked shop, he gave him some tunes and, in his words, “Found a way to worm my little ass in there.”

GabeFulvimar“I thought I’d just be making tapes. I didn’t think it was gonna be as crazy as it became,” he remembers about joining the label. “They egged me on.”

Gap Dream? I mean, the name is right on point. Definitely cassette-like, woozy, vocals that sound like they’re under a glass coffee table or spoken into a house fan. Compared to many of his label mates, Fulvimar is more melodic and dreamscapey than the somewhat ‘check-me-out garage’ rat pack. On this tour, he’s with The Growlers, Cosmonauts and Together Pangea.

“It’s been really smooth,” he says of the tour thus far. “Everyone’s really professional. We’re all family, bands that know each other.”

Burger is mysterious a little in that way. The lifestyle that emanates from the merch, tapes, artwork, music, personalities is completely pizza-driven slack and fun, fun, fun. Drop out of school or at least don’t do your homework. Wear day-old underwear for a couple days. But whatever you do, pull it all together to the point where it’s literally a mystery at how well you manage to pull it all together – you know, through all the pizza and stuff.

It’s a wonder that the label’s owners and bands can drive that image home and still sit firmly in a captain’s chair, knowing exactly what the fuck they are doing despite the raw ‘tude they own.

“Burger is like detention and we’re all stuck together and no one else wants to touch us,” Fulvimar describes. “Or they do and we want to stay with Burger. It’s never-never land and it’s better to come together than try to outshine each other.”

Look up images of Gap Dream and you will see Burger written all over the place – present on large circular pins fit on Fulvimar’s torn jean vest and on the King Tuff T-shirts he wears. Support almost every damn time.

Oftentimes, an artist will double dip and release different recordings on different labels and lotsa Burgers do that. In the case of Gap Dream, Fulvimar says, “Burger gets my records. If any label wants to do a 7″ I’m totally down.”

For the last record, Fulvimar and label co-founder Sean Bohrman even designed the album art together. Buds4life. A label that’s super hands on.

“Music is cut throat. [And we like to] keep it in a little bubble,” Fulvimar explains.

That bubble revolves around the little-shop-that-could, the Burger HQ in Fullerton.

When it comes to his live in Cleveland, his home away from Burger, CA, Fulvimar says, “I had to get out of there. You get caught up in people’s bullshit. You play in the same bars and I didn’t want to get stuck. I haven’t been back since December.”

On this tour, he’ll be back Ohio, playing there for the first time as Gap Dream, with his band of bros.

“I like to be with people I trust and care about so I’m always picking friends to play with me,” he says of the band he built around what was, at first, a solo project.

Which is good, considering for the 2013 Burgerama Tour, things were different.

“We had two days to get up a set for a five-week-long tour,” he says. “Our drummer couldn’t make it on tour. I said, ‘Fuck it. I’m not going to find anyone better.”

So Gap Dream’s playing with a drum machine instead.

“It’s a shit show as far as getting everyone where they need to be,” Fulvimar says.

Just like detention — some kids are going to miss the bell because they’re busy smoking weed in the parking lot. But Gap Dream – and Burger Records — makes due.

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