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Two Door Cinema Club, St. Lucia and Smallpools @ The Tower Theatre.

October 3, 2013

TwoDoorCinema05Text and images by Breannin Hansteen.

The Tower Theatre became Philly’s dance floor for nearly four hours last night. Not even the classy, red seats could entice fans to take breaks in between each act.

It has been a year and some change since Two Door Cinema Club blessed Philadelphians with arresting riffs and melodies that compel crowds to jump and sing uncontrollably. The Northern Ireland band kicked off their tour at the Tower Theatre last night with St.Lucia and Smallpools.

Smallpools opened up the night with a few songs off of their-self titled EP. The up-and-coming band owned the stage with their catchy riffs that meandered in between swaying bodies looking to receive some energy on hump day.

Each member exuded his own unique type of swagger on stage. Lead singer, Sean Scanlon, managed to pop his hips while owning the keyboard for his entire performance. By the end of their act, the whole venue felt as if they were best friends with the guys from LA after being asked to take a picture with the band’s travel companion-a shiny, blue, ceramic dog.

As the LA band made their way to the bar to sip on beer and chat with fans, St.Lucia took the time to set up for their set. Fans in the pit curiously conversed about the vibrant, tropical clothing warn by the band members.  I looked to my neighbors and noticed puzzled faces. It was as if each of us were asking ourselves-what exactly am I getting into?

Within seconds of “The Night Comes Again,” the crowd already took a liking to the tropical, electric waves St. Lucia sent through the air. Retro, Safari-esque, spirited songs brought out the light in each person soaring around the pit. By the end of the act everyone transformed into their younger selves and hustled to snag a copy of St. Lucia’s debut album When the Night.

Royal blue and steel-grey lights finally replaced the yellow haze that claimed the Tower Theatre. Immediately the floor began to shake. Once Alex Trimble, Two Door Cinema Club’s lead singer, emerged out the dark in his grey-on-grey suit with his champagne glass in hand a shockwave of echoing chants and squeals bounced from wall-to-wall.  The 3-piece band got right down to business. Trimble passionately released weightless, airy notes out his body while never failing to maintain his calm, cool, collected reserve. It’s hard to believe that a band with such composed demeanor left even the youngest fan winded by the end of the night.

The electronic band utilizes guitar riffs, floor-thumping drums, smooth bass lines, and hypnotizing harmonies that hit the core of Philadelphians looking to let loose on a Wednesday night. The drummer nearly catapulted out of his seat by the end of what seemed to be the band’s last song of the night.  The Philly crowd mercilessly chanted for an encore and Two Door Cinema Club calmly approached the stage for three more songs.

Trimble claimed, “We hope to do this again with you Philly. Until then, here is one more song.”

Die-hard pit section fans put their all into each dance move accompanying each note they managed to let free from their bodies. All the floating faces of the Tower Theatre savored the last treat that the sophisticated, liberating band had to offer.

The blue lights that encouraged the crowd to dance with reckless abandon slowly flickered out. The band members lightly walked off the stage with smiles, while the crowd took a moment to gather themselves. Yes it was a Wednesday night, but not even the thought of work or class that tomorrow promised could kill the life that each fan gratefully accepted from each soul-elating performance that night.

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  2. Manders permalink
    October 4, 2013 11:37 am

    Hitting this show up tonight at DAR in DC. What was the timing like? Cant make start time at 8 so trying to make sure we make it in time for Two Door Cinema Club, but ideally would like to see at least one opener.

  3. monkey momma permalink
    October 4, 2013 8:15 pm

    Don’t miss St. Lucia!!! They were amazing. TDCC hit the stage at 10:15-ish

  4. Christian permalink
    October 8, 2013 8:16 pm

    St. Lucia is gonna make some waves. You can stream there album here for free!

  5. Ross CMR permalink
    October 12, 2013 7:28 pm

    Huge fan of St. lucia after hearing this album. Even more obsessed after watching their video for “Elevate”

  6. RockOnMN permalink
    October 28, 2013 10:45 pm

    Seriously looks like Smallpools is playing some epic concerts on this tour!! So excited to see them tomorrow night with Walk The Moon. Guarantee Minneapolis is going to ADORE them


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