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This is Hardcore with Intern Bree: Day 4.

August 12, 2013

Jump11Text by Bree Wood. Images by Kate Bodnar.

Sunday was the final chapter for This is Hardcore 2013.  First, I would like to start off by thanking Joe Hardcore and all the people that make this possible for yet another Fest as well as all the bands for putting on an awesome show.

I would also like to thank all the “Jumpers” for participating in our mini interviews throughout the entire Fest. It was great to meet all of you and hear your individual stories and why you love This is Hardcore and what you came to see.

Sunday’s line up was a great topper to the weekend. For a couple of bands, this set meant more than any other set. Suicide File mentioned on stage their next show would be in 2020. This was also the last show for Trapped Under Ice. All the sets had their own special energy… girls knocking out boys in the pit, stage diving… there were so many people and once again it felt like the Electric Factory was going to explode. It is truly special to see so many people into the same scene in one place.

One of the coolest things for us on Sunday was the special SCA showcase taking place by the bike racks. Joe himself along with some of this SCA colleagues put on their full gear and let it rip. It was brutal and awesome. If you recall in our Spring 2013 issue, out cover model Joe Hardcore posed for us in his gear and told us what SCA meant to him. Seeing it in person was incredibly fun, and it was great to be able to share the issue with all of This is Hardcore as we distributed over 300 copies throughout the weekend.

We can’t talk about Sunday without of course talking about Gwar. Gwar was a completely different animal (well, literally…) from the rest of the weekend. They set up on the main stage behind the lower TIH stage and had a full stage of props and backdrops. It was nuts. I, like many others, had never seen Gwar before. The blood and gore and all the different characters were so incredibly funny to watch. It was something a person would not normally experience. It was a crazy change of pace but we were all very appreciative of the incredible difference. Yes, there was a butt squirting blood and decapitations.

Check out our Instagram to see some live action from Suicide File and Gwar.

Jump has a tradition. The front page of every Jump Off section in our quarterly magazine has an artist we cover getting some air. Instead of traditional candid shots or show shots, we decided this year to put the people to work and make them jump at This is Hardcore. As if they weren’t tired enough from moshing or standing for hours on end, we got them to do it anyway, and also tell us why they love This is Hardcore.

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