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Ricart/Millevoi Quartet @ Ortlieb’s Lounge.

August 12, 2013

NickMillevoi03A few days before Nick Millevoi‘s Saturday record release show at Orlieb’s Lounge, we invited Nick to be a part of an upcoming monthly music industry networking night/local music showcase that JUMP will curate at The Painted Bride starting in October.

“I can’t remember if you’ve seen me play solo,” he said. “I play very loudly and, because of the nature of what I do with feedback, can’t be too flexible with my volume. Is that okay for this event? I just want to clear that so I don’t upset anyone!”

Yeah, we said. We know.

Then we locked him into the December show (details to come soon).

But man, he wasn’t kidding. And at the beyond-intimate confines of Ortlieb’s on Saturday, we experienced the full throttle impact of his avant-garde jazz/rock shredding.

Playing with his Ricart/Millevoi Quartet, featuring Ed Ricart on bass, Dan Blacksberg on trombone and Kevin Shea on drums, Nick and his bandmates created a cacophony of amazing sounds for the small but loyal crowd in attendance.

You can find a track from the new album below and the full album, Haitian Rail, here.


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