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This Is Hardcore Fest Preview: Rival Mob.

July 26, 2013


This is Hardcore 2013 is the biggest, most anticipated, annual hardcore fest in the country which runs from August 8th-11th at the Electric FactoryGracing the stage this year will be Gwar, Kid Dynamite, Judge and Paint it Black, to name a few. 

This week, our Bree Wood caught up with Brendan Radigan, frontman for The Rival Mob, currently on Revelation Records. The Rival Mob is comprised of members from infamous bands like Mind Eraser, Righteous Jams, Mental and XFilesX, and known for their no-nonsense, aggressive style. You can catch them in the opening slot Saturday, August 10th. Photo provided by The Rival Mob.

Who is Rival Mob?

A bunch of goons playing a bunch of tunes. Featuring the talents of Doug Cho, Trevor Vaughan, Pearse McGrath, Justin DeTore and Brendan Radigan.

How long have you guys been playing together? 
Seven miserable years.
Your top 5 favorite bands/albums and why… GO!
1st Black Sabbath LP. There is no why.
2nd Black Sabbath LP. There is no why.
3rd Black Sabbath LP. There is no why.
4th Black Sabbath LP. There is no why.

Chas N Dave – “Snooker Loopy” single. Because unlike a lot of “epic” music, this actually slows down the space time continuum. Listen to it for 1 and half minutes – you’ll think you’ve spent an eternity in hell.

Your last release was Mod Justice, and it got good reviews from the hardcore realm. Do you have any plans yet for another album? 

Greatest hits 3xLP on Revelation Records; they’re super super super psyched on it.

Are you going on tour anytime soon? Is there anywhere you want to go but haven’t been yet? 
We don’t tour BUT we’re finally hopping the pond and playing two gigs in England and one gig in fuckin’ Amsterdam or something. Aside from Australia/Japan and Antarctica there are no other places we’re trying to go.
What is the best show/tour story you have? Any good Philly stories?
Man, I got a memory like a shithouse. Hold on a sec. Nope. Nothing’s coming back. All I can think of is like recent gigs and whatnot. OH FUCK, now I remember Chaos in Tejas was SICK this year. We played with Martin Stewart on the second axe at that thing. That’s a story ENOUGH! Pearse gets on stage, sees him and is like, “This guy’s gearing up! Welp, his story checks out!” Priceless. Needless to say, we smoked the little fuckers in that room like so many slices of fine Texas brisket. Philly stories? All I remember is last time we were there, which was actually a sick ass Cold World gig at the Church. I was supposed to sing the George part cause they were telling me all along I could sing it and you know get my 15 seconds of fame. And they never played it. The bastards …
Do you have a venue that you like to play in Philly? 
Arthur’s house.
When you visit Philly do you have a favorite spot?
Arthur’s house.
When was your first TIH? Do you have any favorite TIH moments?

Back when I had hair. Whenever that was, you do the math. But they’ve all been swell! I still think Sheer Terror’s big entrance was pretty damn amusing. OH FUCK yeah. And Joe HOOKED IT UP last year with cheesesteaks. Seriously what a hero. Made me feel like a million bucks. Honestly, never was treated that good on the best day of my lousy LIFE, I tell you.

What are you looking forward at TIH this year? 
Hopefully more cheesesteaks. But if there aren’t any, I guess I’ll watch some of the bands, I guess.
Since everyone likes to collect TIH merch, is there anything special we can look for from you guys?
Assless chaps, Rival Mob cologne, straight up shirts we’ve shoved down our pants.
What can we expect from your set this year? Any surprises?
All originals. No NEW CRAP.
Outside of TIH, do you have any other roles in the scene back in Boston, or side projects you are working on?
Oh too damn many to count. Got a couple coming down the pike that I think you’ll see em work and like their style.
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    Rival Mob are the best, holy shit. Class interview.

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