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Armin Van Buuren @ Festival Pier.

May 11, 2013

AVB01smallIt may seem odd to many people to pay $35 (plus fees) for a ticket to watch a DJ standing behind a booth while you are surrounded by 3,000 people. The dude is really far away and you barely have room to dance.

But man, the EDM life is an experience.

At the Armin Van Buuren party yesterday at Festival Pier, the young folks started dancing as soon as the gates opened and they went steadily through the night, many in costumes and body paint.

The Dutch trance DJ entertained the crowd with the occasional “I can’t hear you” hand-to-ear gesture and he raised his arms Messiah-like several times. Other than that, he just cranked out fast, pounding beats all night.

There were bursts of confetti shot over the crowd and dancers took the stage but the night belonged to the EDM kids, who were the real show. That was the experience, and it was really fun.


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