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Alice Russell @ World Cafe Live.

May 11, 2013

AliceRussell03The Brits have long loved American rhythm and blues but things are starting to just get weird.

Over the past few years, numerous female artists from the UK have come out swinging with these booming voices and classic American soul sounds, from Amy Winehouse to Joss Stone to Adele.

Well, yesterday, we caught Suffolk-born songstress Alice Russell, who performed at the World Cafe Live as part of WXPN’s Free at Noon series.

The audience seemed middle aged (or older), and mostly white. We’re thinking this is mostly based upon the promotion via WXPN. If you closed your eyes, however, you might have thought it was the reincarnation of Teena Marie on stage.

Alice Russell belted out a lot of funk and soul. It was an impressive 30 minute performance that featured much of her new album, To Dust. Released about two weeks ago, it’s her fifth solo release, which forces you to wonder, “Why isn’t this woman with the powerful voice a huge figure here?”

Well, after her tour supporting this album, maybe she will be.


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