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Martha Graham Cracker Cabaret @ L’Etage.

May 10, 2013

MarthaGrahamCracker04Martha Graham Cracker entered the room at L’Etage last night dressed in full geisha (gay-sha?) attire – summery yellow kimono, wooden sandals and white face.

“Kunichi-fucking-wa,” she said to the crowd.

And then she launched right into the controversy that had surrounded her this week.

Martha and her crew will perform Saturday at Time as part of the Center City Jazz Festival. Earlier in the week, festival organizer Ernest Stuart received an email with a subject line, “No fags in Jazz (Black American Music).”

“No fags in jazz music?” Martha pondered aloud during her performance yesterday.

As she let that sink in with the audience, she performed a little scat.

“Hmmmm,” she said. “That was really gay.”

Then she listed off a number of jazz legends who were also gay.

“Should I forgive him?” Martha questioned, speaking about the anonymous emailer.

It seems she did, or at least she let it pass. Because she went on to perform her hilarious show, complete with cover tunes of Chaka Khan and Whitney Houston. It was a fabulous show that involved nearly all of the audience members and even the lighting/sound guy, Sean, who remained the sparkle in Martha’s eyes all night.

And Center City Jazz Festival creator Ernest Stuart even backed her up on his trombone.


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