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Two Shows You Need To See This Weekend: Norwegian Arms and Blayer Pointdujour & The Rockers Galore.

March 8, 2013

NorwegianArms01smallWe’re massively busy wrapping up the spring issue of JUMP, which will start to hit the streets in less than two weeks. But you’ll likely see us out and about a bit this weekend … most likely at these two great shows, for sure (and probably elsewhere …).


Norwegian Arms, Scott Churchman, Laser Background and Circadian Rhythms at PhilaMOCA

There are pockets of music subsets throughout the city, where groups of musicians hang out, inspire one another, experiment with sounds and then work together. The group of friends in this show are among the most spirited and active subsets in the city, and they make wonderful music. This will be a great show and a world of Philly music talent will likely be there to celebrate and support. (Photo of Norwegian Arms by Brandee Nichols).



Blayer Pointdujour & The Rckers Galore with The Parachuting Apostles, St. James and The Apostles and the Joe Jordan Experiment at Milkboy

Blayer Pointdujour (above) is a Haitian dude from New Jersey who was educated in the Philly suburbs and played in punk bands when he came to the city. With his current band, he brings together a world of influences to their music, creating an infectious blend of punk, hip-hop, reggae and Haitian Kompa music. The lineup for this show is full of Philly talent. (Photo of Blayer Pointdujour by G.W. Miller III).

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