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Brothers of Brutality Tour: Emmure, Whitechapel and Unearth @ The TLA.

February 11, 2013

Emmure03Text and images by Rick Kauffman.

Blood was shed, beer was spilt, fists were flung, feet were stomped, heads were banged Sunday night at the TLA for the Brothers of Brutality Tour where Emmure headlined alongside Whitechapel and the shredtastic Unearth.

Whitechapel02Unearth unleashed a twin-headed guitar attack of glorious metal. It was surprising that Unearth, who have been together for 15 years, would be cozied into the middle of the lineup. But the kids want it harder and heavier these days, and the old dudes just aren’t cutting it anymore.

Whitechapel almost certainly stole the show. Their clustered set of equipment filled the stage to the brim, six dudes deep standing on top of mini-platforms, while sing Phil Bozeman (right) stared into like a tiger searching for prey. The pit was more like a dance of wounded animals, flailing blindly to the sound of their own destruction.

Emmure had a totally different vibe. They’re more of bounce/groove metal outfit who appeal more to the hip-hop kids. During their set a kid stood out in the lobby with splotches of blood at his feet, just another victim of the pit.


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