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Chill Moody: Running From Myself (The Concert Wrap-Up).

January 2, 2013

Text by Niesha Miller. Video and images by Tiesha Miller.

West Philly rapper Chill Moody turned heads Friday when he sold out the Theater of Living Arts for the concert release of his debut album RFM.

More than 1000 people crammed into the venue awaiting performances from Mr. NiceThings himself and his Talent Island crew.

Comedian Clint Coley played host and kept the crowd hype with his crude jokes while DJ Greg Nitty supplied the tunes in between performances.

JadeAlstonRFMThe beautiful Jade Alston kicked off the show singing Rihanna’s “Diamonds” in acapella.

“You go girl,” was shouted from the crowd.

“I’m not much of a dancer,” Alston said.  But that didn’t stop her from moving her hips and strutting in six-inch heels as she sung Aaliyah’s “Back and Forth,” Mya’s “Case of the Ex” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe.”

She even treated the crowd to her new single, “If I Was Your Girl,” from her Sunday Morning project.

MicStewRFM01“Hip hop doesn’t have color. If you can spit, you can spit,” said Clint Coley before introducing the next act.

Mic Stew jogged across the stage snatching his shoulder length brown hair in and out of its hair tie while performing hits from his Peace World album.

DJ Greg Nitty warmed the crowd up to some soca jams before reggae artist Teff commanded the stage.

“Shout out to Jamaicans, Carribeans and anybody who had a beef patty and curry chicken,” he yelled.

AstronautsRFM01Mont Brown and Pace-O Beats performed fun live upbeat rhymes on stage with a three-piece band.

“All I had was a dollar and dream. This rap shit’s hard,” Brown told the crowd.

Later Pate won the crowd over with his freestyle and hype energetic tunes.

“Go Pate,” was yelled from his fans lurking in the crowd.

In the middle of his set he made an announcement.

“Before I go any further, I want to shout out Chill Moody for selling out the TLA,” he said.

The crowd replied with screams and applause.

In between sets the crowd repeatedly chanted “We want Chill.”

Finally the lights dimmed and the NiceThings drop bounced off the walls. A screen dropped from the ceiling and played a snippet to the RFM short film.

In the film, Chill runs through the streets after he finds himself staring at his gunned-downed doppelganger. He eventually stops running when he sees his name written across the marquee outside TLA and walks toward the venue.

Instantly after the film ended, DJ Ricochet dropped “Bombs” from the Freshmen Take Cover mixtape, and Chill walked through the crowd performing the song until he was on stage. He stood on speakers and swooned his fans with his high energy and quick rhymes.

Afterward, he stood on stage and looked out to his fans while out of breath.

“I just ran all the way the fuck here. I know ya’ll seen that shit,” he laughed.

ChillRFM01He engaged his screaming fans and apologized to his mom, who was watching from the crowd, for saying motherfuckin’ so authoritatively, and explained the meaning of his new album.

RFM means running from myself,” he admitted. “This whole project was made with the mindset of the industry wants you to do ‘this,’ and they want to know how I’ve done all of this without them.”

“It’s because of your backpack. That’s why you’re famous,” one fan interrupted from the front row (right before Chill pulled a bottle of Jameson whiskey out of the bag).

“It’s because of motherfuckers like ya’ll that come out and show love, and appreciate good music,” Chill said.

He continued his set with favorites “Cotton,” “My Eyes,” featuring Cody Kahmar, “Suicide Bars II,” “We Shine,” featuring Suzann Christine, “What’s for Breakfast,” featuring Beano and “KelisThings” all backed by the band Band 4 Higher.

In between songs he expressed his love for his fans, tossed Nicething stickers into the crowd and took a shot with Grammy-winning producer Joe Logic.

“I want you to take pride in saying ‘I made Chill Moody,’” he told the crowd. “I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”

He closed the show with his new song “TheSameThings” from the RFM album.

“I love ya’ll,” he told finally told the crowd as he held a shot of Jameson in the air.

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