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Themuffinmanisaband @ The Fire.

November 26, 2012

Text and images by Matthew Albasi.

When in doubt, play louder. At least that is the philosophy of Philly local Themuffinmanisaband. Even to a mostly empty room at The Fire on Thanksgiving eve, they played their crunchy guitars and guttural bass at an ear-shattering volume.

Despite the volume, their stage presence started off a bit subdued as they worked through their first song. But by the second song Shane Leddy, the bassist, was dancing around the stage, jigging at every opportunity.

Walter Fohley, the drummer was playing so forcefully that he broke a stick in the first song, and another in the second song. Joe Terry, the guitarist and vocalist, started joking with the crowd saying that breaking sticks is required to be their drummer.

“If you’re not breaking one a song, you gotta get the fuck out,” Terry said.

Their punchy, rock ‘n’ roll tunes worked well. Terry put his heavily distorted guitar through the works as he walked his way through blues scales with ease. Leddy, meanwhile, solidly played the root notes with a punch and added in the occasional harmonic exaggeration.

Much of the chatter between songs was about Thanksgiving. “Turkey is in the air,” was a favorite catch-phrase of Terry. At one point he asked the audience if anyone had exciting plans for the holiday. He was met with silence, so he divulged his plans.

“I’m hanging in Miami with P. Diddy and eating turkey on a yacht,” he said with a laugh.

Their last song of the evening was a long, seemingly improvised jam. As they finished, Terry and Leddy turned up the volume and placed their guitars against their amps filling the room with deafening feedback.

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  1. debbie gager permalink
    December 1, 2012 1:12 pm

    Great band,really enjoy watching them perform.
    Every member brings something unique to the table and they all bend well together.
    Hope to see more of them

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