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Sadie (The Web Series): Reality On The Internet.

November 26, 2012

Text by Kelsey Doenges. Images by Conrad Haber.

We have an epidemic on our hands. The city of Philadelphia has been bombarded with celebrities. Streets have been closed for the sake of “movie making,” and Philadelphians everywhere have had their lives turned upside down and sideways. Tom Hanks! Sigourney Weaver! Bradley Cooper! And yes, Even Miley Cyrus has stomped through the city recently.

You would think there would be a huge payoff for being late to work because a stunt double is blocking the entrance of your place of employment. But when you settle into your cushiony movie theater seat with your bucket of popcorn, you see on the big screen that what was once Walnut Street has been transformed into some pseudo-Manhattan street. And we, as loyal citizens of this city, feel cheated. Where’s the trash?

“Everything that has come to Philadelphia, everything I have worked on this year, did not take place in Philadelphia,” says Nicole Agostino, who has worked on the majority of productions shot in town.

And now, she is trying to change all of that with her upcoming web series, Sadie, which she produced, wrote and directed. It is set to launch this winter.

The title character, Sadie, is the daughter of a rock-legend father and a deceased music photographer mother. Over the course of ten episodes, she explores the gritty Philadelphia music scene, sneaks into bars to photograph her favorite bands and falls in and out of love.

“I started writing a screenplay about the bands I had been going to see and the boys who had been breaking my heart,” says Agostino. “I had been writing it and writing it and work had been getting in the way. Finally, I was like, ‘I am going to be 30 years old. It is time that I make something happen.’”

So she threw herself a party. It wasn’t just another Saturday night in Philadelphia. It wasn’t even just another Saturday night at the RUBA Club. It was Nicole Agostino’s 30th birthday bash, filled with more food than any human could imagine, stand-up comedy, raffle baskets, and, yes, even a performance from MissRose Burlyque. It was a celebration for turning the big three-oh but it was also a fundraiser to launch the project she had been cooking up for the last six years.

It worked. Agostino was ready to see her own project become a reality.

She is extremely proud that she has created this thing, this compilation of people from Philadelphia. This little indie web series is one huge love letter to the city. All of the episodes were shot in town. Sadie hangs in Philadelphia bars we will all recognize and she listens to Philadelphia favorites, like Shorty Boy Boy (see below), Ruby the Hatchet and En Fuego.

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