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Intern Matthew’s Weekend Picks: You Can Go Home Again.

November 22, 2012

Every week, intern Matthew Albasi brings you his musical selections for the coming days …

Mmm, Thanksgiving weekend. The time for you to go out with all your old high school friends, tell stories about how successful you are and then get trashed like the good ol’ days. Here is a list of shows that I’m thankful for this weekend.


Om and Daniel Higgs @ Johnny Brenda’s

I don’t know why but I’m totally into banjos and mouth harps being played by an old hardcore dude. Let’s just call it a guilty pleasure. Luckily, Daniel Higgs exists to give me eleven minute-long, trance-y tunes just to this specification. Give him a shot, I promise it’ll be cool.

Gaza, Code Orange Kids, Full of Hell and Congenital Death @ Broad Street Ministry

On the other end of the spectrum we’ve got Congenital Death. A female-fronted hardcore band from Philly. They do it good. Gaza is bringing some Utah flavor to the show with their blast beats from hell –or Salt Lake City. I’ve never seen a show at Broad Street Ministry before, but this music against the backdrop of a church sounds awesome.


Mercury Radio Theater, Farquar Muckenfuss and Six Acre Lake @ Johnny Brenda’s

This show is ticketed as “The Gobblepocalypse.” I really feel like I can end with that but I guess I’ll go on. So, three all instrumental bands with their own surf-y punk sound will be playing with Lulu Lollipop, a burlesque dancer, filling the gaps. Mercury Radio Theater (above) is a JUMP fave.

The Hellstroms, Honah Lee and The Slotcars @ Kung Fu Necktie

Oh, pop-punk. What would I do without you? The Hellstroms have a toe-tapping sound and gang vocals. Which should be more than enough to get a crowd going. The Slotcars and Honah Lee are cut from the same cloth.


Sithis, On the Shoulders of Kings, Parius, Electric Puke and Phatboy @ The Balcony at The Troc

Whether or not Sithis intentionally named themselves after the deity of all things evil from Elder Scrolls, I can not say. Regardless, they’ve got an amazing sound that would make their namesake happy. All of their songs are about death and the apocalypse. No smooshy love songs here.

Hurricane Sandy Benefit with Purples, Juston Stens & the Get Real Gang, City Rain and Kate Faust @ The Fire

Kate Faust is what gets me in the door for this show. She’s got a great Bjork-like style over top a mix of electronic and real instrumentals. Throw City Rain, another JUMP fave, in the mix and you’ve got yourself a party. And, of course, going to this show helps the people that were screwed by that cold bitch Sandy.

That’s it all for this week. Throw on your old varsity jacket (I’m sure it still fits) and go have yourself a good time. See you next week, Philly.


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