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Intern Matthew’s Weekend Picks: Happy Anniversary! And Other Fun Reasons To Party.

September 27, 2012

Every week, intern Matthew Albasi brings you all the shows he wishes he could go to.

It seems like it’s a weekend of annual events. We’ve got anniversary celebrations for Bands in the Backyard and The Boom Room, and there is the annual Zombie Prom. So, make sure you bring some birthday candles with you before you set out for a weekend full of awesome shows.


Vacationer, Cold Fronts and City Rain at Underground Arts

Philadelphia Indie music at its finest. This show has an awesome lineup of Philly-native indie bands. It will absolutely be a blast. Vacationer will be headlining this show with their atmospheric, percussion-heavy sound. Cold Fronts have been on tour for the past year. So, you can expect their set to be wonderfully polished. Bringing up the rear is City Rain whose dancy electronica will have everyone moving.

BITBY One Year Birthday Bash with Faux Slang at Johnny Brendas

Bands in the Backyard has been making their La Blogotheque-esque videos for one full year. If you watch the videos you can see how far they have come and all the great work they have done. They’ll be celebrating this accomplishment with a concert featuring some of their past video stars like Turning Violet Violet, Heyward Howkins and, of course, Faux Slang.


The Boom Room’s First Anniversary with Camp Lo at The Boom Room

Fishtown/Kenzo’s own private recording studio is turning one year old. There are too many bands to mention them all, but it will undoubtedly be an amazing event. Aside from Camp Lo, there will also be tons of local bands like Grimace Federation and Black Stars, DJ sets from the likes of Lina Luv, and even aerial acrobatics and fire performances. You can’t go wrong with this show.

Zombie Prom with Live Not on Evil and The Young Werewolves at The Troc

Eat more brains! What more can I say? The annual Zombie Prom will lure the undead hordes to Chinatown for a night of slow dancing and mayhem. Grab your undead sweetheart and crawl the night away.


The Antlers and Port St Willow at Union Transfer

The Antlers newest album, Burst Apart, gave them a distinctive new sound; one punctuated by soulful electronics and meandering tunes. They will be bringing this new sound (and hopefully a few old songs) to Philadelphia. The opening band will be another New York based indie group, Port St Willow (above in a photo by Colin Kerrigan).

Moira Smiley & VOCO at Calvary Center

I can’t say that I have ever listened to a band lists “body percussion” in their description but I’m totally into it. Moira Smiley & VOCO bring together a bunch of different styles of music along with multi-part vocal harmonies, a cello, a banjo and body percussion. The end result is ridiculously cool. I can only imagine that seeing them live would be great. You can check out a few of their tracks here.

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