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The Meatmen, Anti-Nowhere Leauge, Lecherous Gaze, and Eat the Turnbuckle @ Union Transfer.

September 4, 2012

Text and images by Matt Emmerich from Modern Bropar.

Did I take my time leaving South Philly and miss Eat the Turnbuckle bleed all over the UT stage last week? Yes.

Did I find a cheap place to drink a beer while Lecherous Gaze shredded? Yes.

Did Anti-Nowhere League play everything everyone wanted to hear? Yes, except for “Animal,” of course.

Does Tesco Vee make me wonder what it’d be like if my 57-year-old dad was a punk rock pioneer parading around the country – and soon Europe, with giant inflatable cock and balls? Yes.

Does indulging in the sophomoric lyrics and power rock riffs of The Meatmen make me a scumbag? Probably.

Would I do it all again tomorrow? Of course.

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