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The Making Time Hyper-Rager with Sleigh Bells, Phantogram and Twin Shadow @ Festival Pier.

July 23, 2012

Text by Bree Wood. Images by Teresa McCullough.

Rain or shine, the Making Time Hyper-Rager persisted onward. My forecast for blistering heat could not have been more off but the event was great despite the elements. At times, the wind blew and the rain fell sideways on the red-lit stage at Festival Pier.

The elements may have stopped the fair-weather fans but the people who love Sleigh Bells (above and right), Phantogram and/or Twin Shadow danced all night long.

When I walked onto the pier, I was surprised that I wasn’t surrounded by mobs of people. The weather hindered the attendance at the event but I actually really loved the small turnout. It seemed as if it were a private party and the bands came to play for us. Groups of friends sang and danced. I don’t know if it was the beer or what but people looked so comfortable and free. It was one of those nights that the person next to you ends up being your new best friend.

Sleigh Bells opened strong and hard with their song “Demons.”  The stage filled with smoke and the lights went off like fireworks. Sleigh Bells has so much energy when they are on stage. People were getting so amped up, they weren’t sure if they wanted to punch something or dance. Every song was more fierce than the previous one.

My favorite of the night was Phantogram. The Delaware River rippled with the enchanting whispers of Sarah Barthel’s voice. The music fit so well with the elements and atmosphere of the night that I got chills and it wasn’t from the cold weather. Every song hit my chest as the ground vibrated with Phantogram’s electronic sound. It was awesome. Not one person was still in the crowd. People couldn’t get enough.


Twin Shadow

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