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The Quarterly DIY: Your Website Is Your Home.

June 11, 2012

Anthony Caroto founded Origivation, a Philly music magazine, in 2001. He sold off the magazine in 2006 and then bounced around the country before returning to Philadelphia in 2010. Until very recently, he worked at The Grape Room in Manayunk, doing a variety of tasks including promotion and booking. For JUMP, he offers advice to young bands and musicians …


We signed up for MySpace, PureVolume, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ReverbNation, GarageBand, BandCamp, Soundcloud and countless other help-your-band-get-noticed websites. Each site is slowly moving towards irrelevance – some have already arrived – as the next best thing waits for its moment to shine.

But through it all we’ve maintained a steady home, fortified from the fades of social media: our websites. Or have we?

Signing up for a social media site is easy and the allure is simple – it’s free and lots of other people already use it. Lots of people, but not everybody. To cast the widest net possible, your band needs a website. A http://www.[band name].com. All businesses need a website.

The benefits to having a website are instant. Potential fans have a starting point to discover your music, watch videos and know when and where you’re performing next. It also allows visitors to click their little hearts out and visit any of the social media sites your band is present on. This is, by far, more beneficial than just saying, “Check us out on Facebook, y’all!”

Now don’t panic – web design is not the big scary monster it used to be. In fact, the ability to build a site has been so dumbed-down for mass consumption that now anyone (including myself) can cover the basics.

To start, purchase the domain name of your band. If your band is called Taco Pudding, purchase If you do this through, it’ll cost you $12.17 for one year – and that’s without all the add-ons like email (i.e., extra bandwidth, hosting, etc. You don’t need that stuff. Just buy the domain name. Forwarding this domain name is easy too. Just look for the tab that reads “domain management.”

So who’s hosting your site? Among your options are WordPress and CD Baby. WordPress is 100 percent free and easy to use. It’s synced up with Google Analytics and allows users to opt for the blog or static page format. CD Baby is also very good but will cost you $20 per month. The benefit of using CD Baby is that your site, and more specifically your music, will be distributed to all of the major outlets – iTunes,, Amazon, etc. CD Baby is also tied in with managing your social media sites and allows users to organize and utilize an effective email list.

In the meantime, while your actual site is being worked on, it’s ok to temporarily forward your domain name to the social media site of your choice. Just be sure that the site you choose is up-to-date.

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  1. June 11, 2012 3:46 pm

    …. and if you need help with your site or want to hire me to build it for you, drop me an email: anthonycaroto@yahoodotcom.

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