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The Cribs @ Johnny Brenda’s.

June 6, 2012

The Cribs have long been a Brit buzz band, as the West Yorkshire lads’ loud, garage punk rock has always been irreverent yet witty. The English love that combination. Johnny Marr, the legendary guitarist who gave The Smiths their rhythm, loved The Cribs so much that he became their guitarist for several years.

Marr left the group in 2011 but the band continues to rock, and rock hard. Last night, The Cribs played an ear-shattering set at Johnny Brenda’s as they began the latest leg of their North American tour.

Much of the set featured tracks from their newest album, In the Belly of the Brazen Bull, which was released last month. But they also dug deep into their five-album catalogue and played several songs off their self-titled debut album from 2004.

The band members – three of whom are brothers, including a set of twins – said little to the crowd throughout the night. They mentioned that they had not played Philly in two years, and they talked about Bruce Springsteen being from Philadelphia. That elicited boos, and singer Gary Jarman corrected himself, saying,”I guess I’m thinking about that song, ‘The Streets of Philadelphia.'”

Their final song was a long, cacophony of guitar shreds, and then the band walked off the stage with their guitars kicking shrill feedback to the audience. There was no encore.

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