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Summer Issue Preview: Our One-On-One With Tariq Trotter.

April 30, 2012

Our Kevin Stairiker spoke to Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter of The Roots last week for the cover story about The Roots Picnic for the summer issue of JUMP, which is due out on June 1. Here is a teaser of what you will find in the print version:

I guess I should start off with the July 4th show that was just announced.

The Welcome America concert?

Yes. So is that going to become a yearly thing like the Roots Picnic?

Yeah, right now it’s slated to be an annual occurrence, something that we’re going to curate every year that’s on a far larger scale. I feel like it caters to a different demographic than the Roots Picnic.

Sort of like an older brother festival for everybody?

Yeah, yeah. What we do for the Roots Picnic is for a younger audience, you know? And what we do on July 4th is sort of all-inclusive, like more family-oriented.

Looks like you’ve got Daryl Hall on there for all of the adults.

Yeah, right? For people like me (he says with a laugh).

How much does it mean to you to know that the President of the United States is down with the Legendary Roots Crew?

It’s very meaningful to me. It’s not something I was unaware of because we’ve opened up for the president on quite a few occasions over the past few years, before he was president and since he’s taken office. But the significance of the most recent interaction with Mr. Obama was…I feel like we have a personal relationship now. This is the first time that a photo was taken of me and the president where there was an image captured and it wasn’t in front of the American flag, you know? Like I wasn’t number eighteen in line. Like, but when we see each other now, he cracks jokes and I feel like we have a similar relationship to the president as we do with Brian Williams.

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