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Feliz Cumpleanos: El Malito @ Milkboy. Palabra.

March 30, 2012

Images by G.W. Miller III.

Puerto Rican party rapper Les Rivera, aka El Malito, celebrated his birthday last night by performing with his band, the 33rd Century, at Milkboy so we stopped by for a few beers.

The man puts on a solid show – he entered the room in Revolutionary War-style blazer and a fluffy white wig. The band had the crowd bouncing from the get go. Then Les took his pants off and the crowd bounced even more.

It’s hard to put the guy in words (though we’ll try in the summer issue of JUMP) so here are a few pics from the night.

Check out El Malito’s music:

Arctic Splash, featuring Joey Sweeney, opened for El and the 33rd Century.

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