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Grimes and Born Gold @ The Church.

March 26, 2012

Text by Marissa Jane. Images by Grace Dickinson.

“I’m dripping sweat,” the baby-faced Claire Boucher, who performs as Grimes, screamed at an audience of paper brown bag-wielding 20-somethings in the basement of the First Unitarian Church Thursday evening. “This is a fucking sick show!

A 20-something year old herself, the Montreal-based “grave-wave” artist was ecstatic to see all the kids jiving to her short set list of dreamy homemade, vocal-based beats.

Opening act Born Gold accompanied her on the boards. This Backstreet Boys-on-party-drugs trio, also from Canada, danced on and off the stage in a lit-up Michael Jackson-esque leather jacket, stilts, black masks, and electric oriental fans. The poppy beats were kept in check by heavy bass drops through an explosion of never-ending electronic tracks from their album, Bodysongs.

Grimes gained fame through the re-tumbling of tracks “Genesis,” “Vanessa” and an awesome video for “Oblivion,” but we weren’t sure if the pint-sized musician was just a caricature of the blogosphere.

Grimes released her first two albums, Geidi Prime and Halafaxa under Arbutus records.

After collaborating with a few less-known artists and touring in North America with Lykke Li, she released her new album in the U.S., Visions, through UK label 4AD.

Listed under Pitchfork’s Best New Music category as well as Stereogum’s best video of the week for “Oblivion,” Claire Boucher is going big things.

Her bleached cropped bangs and shoe-less performance was reminiscent of someone younger than 20 and the crowd loved it.

Claire Boucher is certainly not just a figment of the hip imagination.

She’s here to stay.

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