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Meet the Music Video Makers: Mr. Green.

March 6, 2012

Text by Cary Carr. Image by Grace Dickinson.

Philadelphia is a goldmine according to Aaron Green. With the amount of everyday talent you can find on any given corner, the hip hop producer, better known as Mr. Green, has world of raw material to work with. His innovative video series “Live from the Streets” is just starting to take off and take hip hop in a whole new direction.

Green, 29, has been producing and mixing beats for 10 years. After creating his first album, The Only Color that Matters is Green and producing songs featured on MTV’s The Jersey Shore, the classic hip hop fanatic is ready to introduce our city to something out of the ordinary.

“Live from the Streets,” which began in 2011, combines interviews with street musicians and clips from their music and puts them together in short documentaries. He creates elaborate tracks by sampling the sounds he records.

Green hopes to give attention to the underdogs, the people with the most interesting stories.

“We don’t even really like the guy who has like $100 in his bucket,” Green says. “We kind of like the guy who’s down on his luck a little bit, who isn’t doing so hot and might not even be the most outgoing.”

Green wants the project to blow up, especially if it will help out the street musicians. He hopes to give them a portion of proceeds generated by selling tracks made from the recordings.

He says that it’s relatively easy to find people to open up and share their stories.

“It’s a street city,” Green says. “People have stories. People have been through stuff. People live cold lives but you’re likely to get warm responses from them, which is really cool.”

His videos certainly live up to the songs, with intimate interviews and stories that are heartbreaking, yet inspiring. And the video platform is essential to get people interested.

“Video gives people a chance to be wrapped up in more than one thing than just the music,” Green explains. “It’s something else for them to focus on.”

He hopes to get a TV deal for “Live from the Streets,” and maybe even start rapping himself once he gets enough practice under his belt.

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