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Chill Moody, Hank McCoy & Beano: Who Do You Love?

February 10, 2012

Text by Kiara McKnight. Images by Caitlin Morris.

In continuing with their now annual tradition, the rapper/producer combo of Chill Moody and Hank McCoy are set to release their third album Who Do you Love?, in collaboration with R&B singer Beano, on Valentine’s Day.

“Every beat I make has a concept that I thought of along with it,” says McCoy. “Everybody can relate to the types of things that I’m talking about because their real life things. So I just want people to be able to listen to it and connect with it.”

The third installment of the Valentine’s Day series touches on several aspects of relationships from finding love, to heartbreak, and even domestic violence. But don’t let all the relationship talk fool you. Whether it’s the upbeat, feel good banger “What’sForBreakfast?” or the soulful ballad “Angel,” this album has something that women and men can relate to.

“All we want people to take from the album is that it’s not music for the ladies, its music about the ladies, and everybody should be able to relate to relationship music,” Chill states matter-of-factly.

The Valentine’s Day series represents more than just yet another album, it shows the progression of just how far these guys have come, from their sound to the album artwork, which features each of the guys on their own separate cover.

They plan to shoot videos for a few songs off of the album, something they hadn’t done for the previous two.  They’ve even shot trailers for the album, generating a steady buzz for the WDYL release.

“This is like my freshman project, the first thing I’m releasing and I’m glad they pulled me in on it,” adds an excited Beano. “I think it’ll be very beneficial for when I finally drop something. I’m giving people something they can put on their iPod and finally listen to me.”

Check out their album release party going down this Monday at Bourbon Blue, with appearances by Suzann Christine and Yufi Zewdu. Copies of the album will be available at the show.

With three different album covers to choose from, fans will have to make a choice – Who Do You Love?

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