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Simply-Unknown: Another Side of Philly (Weirdos, Not Thugs).

February 6, 2012

Simply-Unknown isn’t your typical rap group spewing lyrics about gun, drugs and violence. Hailing from Germantown, this group is all about spreading positivity and putting Philly on the map.  A. Ryder, the rapper of the group, effortlessly strings together words, forming charming and complex rhymes. MX is the singer of the group, his emotion-filled voice echoing the thoughts and feelings of today’s youth. DJ Silent-D rounds out the trio, creating a sound for the group that is all their own.

Our Kiara McKnight spoke to the the young men with big dreams.

How did you guys come together as a group?

A. Ryder: Well, we met in high school. I’ve known him (MX) since 8th grade actually. And we just started working on music, recording in the basement.

How did you guys come up with the name Simply-Unknown?

A. Ryder: Actually, he (Silent Dave) came up with it.

MX: He’s just Silent Dave, he don’t say much. He just works on the DJing and everything. He just does it all quietly and silently.

A. Ryder: He’s very creative though.

How would you describe the dynamic of your group?

A. Ryder: Well, it balances out. I try to talk about life experiences. Also, I can be serious in some of my lyrics but not too serious, you know? I like to be silly too.

MX: I do a lot of emotional songs. I try to do the best I can to show the message to people of what I feel and what I’m going through in life.

A. Ryder: Think of, like, Drake. Stuff that’s emotional but not girly.

What do you do or have done to get your name out there?

A. Ryder: Mainly we go off the Internet. We got YouTube subscribers – over a thousand, and 50,000 views on the page.

MX: Facebook.

A. Ryder: We do it on our own. We work hard. We do shows and we also meet up with other artists who have similar interests. So we just try to network.

MX: We also try to collab with other artists.

What makes you different from other Philly rappers/rap groups?

A. Ryder: I listen to a lot of artists and it’s like the same context about drugs and violence. When people hear that out of Philly, they hear all the artists talk about the same stuff. I feel as though people just talk about violence and it’s like, you need to see another side of Philly to make it seem more welcoming. We talk about life and having fun, and being the weirdos and people who weren’t the most popular in high school. It’s an outreach for people who feel as though they aren’t well known and people who just want to be themselves. It’s just simply unknown.

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  1. February 6, 2012 1:15 pm

    I dig this. Nice flows and all the shots of Philly landmarks are making me homesick!

    I just posted a new track on my site, hope you check it out.

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