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Eww Yaboo @ Kung Fu Necktie.

December 19, 2011

Text and image by Brittany Thomas.

Yes. They’re called Eww Yaboo.

Of course, we have to discuss this first. You might be asking yourself: Eww Ya who? What the hell kinda band name is that?

It’s unavoidable. Drives them nuts, actually.

But before you pass any judgment, might I observe that completely inventing a phrase that means pretty much nothing is pretty close to band naming brilliance. Consider this: they’ll never be confused with any other band, film, book, event in history, animal, mental condition, or any other thing at all. The best part is that their music is as unique as their name.

When asked what genre they fall under, their responses were mixed: “Rock…crack rock…sex rock… crunchy pop with a drug-fueled edge?”

That was a joke, obviously. This crew of four, hailing from the northeast PA small town of Sugar Notch, had heads turning in all good ways last week at Kung Fu Necktie with their always-catchy and upbeat approach to modern pop fuzz-rock. 

Last Tuesday’s show came a day after the band’s birthday. It was only one year ago that the group they have going today officially became a foursome. Longtime friends Nathan Andre, vocals and guitar, and Drew Carsillo, also vocals and guitar, started writing music together a few years ago when they had a variation of the band going in New York City. Eventually bassist Pat Austin came into the mix, and then Jared Kozemko on drums.

Eww Yaboo’s energetic stage persona immediately drew in the bar flies curious to get a closer look and listen.  The guitars almost seem like they run circles around each other. Nate and Drew’s riffs, when backed by perfectly complimentary drums and bass, make for a sound reminiscent to early-days Nirvana. But a less angry, more reverb-soaked and fun version that was cause for seemingly involuntary crowd convulsion. Not bad for a Tuesday night.

The band offered a good mix of their songs and even threw in two new ones they only just wrote last week, and those ones felt very consistent to all the rest while still offering something new. What’s so cool about these guys is that they’ve held true to their sound 100 percent since they started, still belting out “Ooooh’s” and “Bahbahbahbah’s” in unison, causing each song to sort of swell up to full intensity until they gently let you back down.

Summersteps Records, a small indie label based in Scranton, recently helped them put out their first 7’’ entitled “Yeah, what?” that they had for sale at the show. Check it out here. The title is a tribute to another phrase used almost exclusively in Northeast Pennsylvania by frequenters to their home/recording space in Sugar Notch known only as “The Notch.”

“Yeah, what?” is an expression that can be translated to mean, “Cool, right?” or “F yeah.” This album was recorded over the course of about a year – half at The Notch and half at an old bakery-turned-recording studio put together by another local band, Leroy Justice. The songs were recorded on Ted Nugent’s old recording equipment, a factor they take deep pride in.

They’ve been noticed by some big timer’s, too. Music blogs like Culture Bully have featured them. But the guys still insist their biggest brag right has been playing, “bomb ass shows,” through Philadelphia’s own Dave Kiss of Flash Mob Productions, shows booked by Eric Davis of Get Cryptic (Scranton, PA), and even their more low key shows at spots like Deerhaus, a West Philly house show location run by some friends’ hyper local music scene.

“Right now we’re just having fun, writin’ some songs,” said Nate, “We haven’t done anything huge yet but who knows.”

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