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Yo ?uestlove! Get Me a Hoagie Too!

April 29, 2011

Our Colin Kerrigan recently caught up with the ubiquitous Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson and the pair had an interesting conversation:

Colin: I saw a tweet from you the other night that you spent $100 at Wawa. How the hell do you spend that much at Wawa?

Ahmir: It’s easy to spend $100 bucks! I needed toilet paper so I got that. I got two big giant orange juices. I had a whole bunch of cereal that I didn’t get to eat so I got milk.

There were two homeless women outside and I never give them money so I just got them four hoagies. Then I started getting hungry so I was like, “Let me get a hoagie for myself” so I got five hoagies.

Then I thought, “Well, maybe Steve wants one.”

My engineer lives with me so I got six hoagies. Then I figured everyone needed potato chips so I got a whole bunch of potato chips.

Then I was like, “Well, damn they’re gonna want to wash it down so let me get them all something to drink.” So between six hoagies, all this lemonade, milk and a few snacks, I totally forgot to get …

Colin: The AAA batteries? (In the same tweet, he mentioned forgetting to buy AAA batteries.)

Ahmir: Yeah. Once I got home, I wanted a remote because I knew that Prince was going to be on George Lopez. I have one of those televisions where you kinda do need the remote to operate. Like, you can’t freely turn it on. So, once I got back in bed and realized that I totally forgot that shit (the batteries), I was so mad.

So then I did the second worst thing. I collected all the remote controls in the house and stole all the batteries. My trainer was a sleep so I stole his remote. Then I remembered there was some AAA batteries inside the joystick controllers for the Wii.

So yeah, it was bad, man. Next time I’m just going to stick the plan and get what I wanted. I still haven’t gotten any batteries yet.

Find their full conversation over at The Pistola.

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