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Lantern: Rituals of Rock.

July 22, 2014

LanternMB02Text by Brittany Thomas. Images by Michael Bucher.

While speaking of songs with references to black leather and conjuring spirits, Emily Robb and Zachary Devereux Fairbrother sip tea in a sunny South Philly rowhome adorned in earthy tones, rustic wood and sleepy cats napping. It is an unexpectedly soothing home environment for the couple, better known as the songwriting duo behind local psych rock band Lantern.

“Losing yourself in the music and maybe borrowing from the magical and mystical language that the blues and rock ‘n‘ roll took on,” says Fairbrother of the lyrical inspiration for their most recent album, Rock ‘N’ Roll Rorschach. “Rock ‘n’ roll as a ritualistic thing – costumes, leather, the ecstatic, lose yourself kind of experience.”

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Spank Rock, Amanda Blank, Prowler, Mumblr and DJ Sylo @ Underground Arts.

July 21, 2014

RBSSspankRock06Images by Michael Bucher, Teresa McCullough and G.W. Miller III.

Big thanks to all who came out to party with us on Saturday at Underground Arts for the Red Bull Sound Select show featuring Spank Rock with Prowler, Mumblr and DJ SYLO.

It was a super fun night, capped off by Amanda Blank joining Spank on stage for a few songs and SYLO spinning late into the night with everyone jumping on stage to dance.

We’ll have another big event on September 27, with details coming soon. Find pics from our first Sound Select show with Plastic Little here.

Pizza Underground, Ang & The Damn Band and Modern Colour @ The Oval.

July 21, 2014

Pizza Party on the Parkway_Brianna Spause-28Text and images by Brianna Spause.

It was a pizza lover’s dream.

In celebration of the August 8 release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Awesome Fest threw a huge Pizza Party on the Parkway and they made sure they did it right.

In 15 minutes, the free slices Pizza Hut handed out to the first 200 guests were gone but the party had just begun. More than 1,000 people gathered at The Oval, the newly renovated space out front of the Art Museum, late Friday afternoon for the free all-age event.

Local bands Modern Colour and Ang & the Damn Band created a bluesy atmosphere on stage in the back of the park as people spread out in the eight-acre space that artist Candy Coated turned into a Magic Carpet.

What was a not-so-special asphalt parking lot a month ago is now a pedestrian hotspot with a fresh coat of fluorescent pinks and greens. It’s a chessboard, a summer stage, a hub for food tricks and a tastefully lit beer garden. It was finished just in time to host Awesome Fest’s pizza party.

With the sun hanging low in the sky, a man appeared on stage. The not-quite Andy Warhol doppelganger strutted up to the microphone, his brown hair peeking out of the bottom of a disheveled blonde wig.

“Untie your garlic knots, open up your oven doors of perception. It’s Pizza Underground,” he said as the five members appeared.

Child actor Macaulay Culkin (above, left) and his band mates dressed in black and wore sunglasses as they powered through eight super cheesy songs about pizza in the style of the Velvet Underground, including “All the Pizza Parties” and “Take a Bite of the Wild Side.” The background melody? Well that was made up by Culkin on the kazoo, Deena Vollmer on the pizza box, Pheobe Kreutz on the glockenspiel, Matt Colbourn on the guitar and Austin Kilham on the keyboard/tambourine.

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Glass Cloud and Scale the Summit @ The Barbary.

July 21, 2014

GlassCloud04Text and images by Chad Sims.

Last Wednesday at The Barbary, Glass Cloud and Scale the Summit co-headlined an amazing all ages metal show. Luckily, someone was smart enough to have the show start early so that most of the younger crowd actually got to see the headliners. However, the audience was fortunate that all of the bands made it.

Early in their set, bearded Glass Cloud front-man Jerry Roush (above) explained that one of the band members had been arrested the day before while driving their tour van, which was stolen. Or so the rental company had thought after mixing up their van with another. Before making it from DC to Philly, the band had to drive back to their hometown of Hampton, VA to sort out the mess but they made it to the show with little time to spare.

It was a blessing that the band was able to make it to town just before the end of the show because they were incredible. Roush held nothing back in his performance and had the crowd going nuts including a guy who was allowing people to jump off his back onto other audience members.

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Ma Jolie: Vibrating Your Butt.

July 18, 2014

MaJolieSummer2014Online01Text by Derrick Krom. Images by Jessica Flynn.

It’s not very often you come across a burly, no-nonsense punk band citing Disney tunes as a major influence on its sound. But when it comes to Philadelphia punk trio Ma Jolie, influences can stem from anywhere.

On a crisp and sunny spring evening, the members of Ma Jolie – vocalist and guitarist Mike Stoloski, bassist Frank Abruzzo and drummer Jeff Meyers – sit outside a South Philadelphia coffee shop and reflect back on how they achieved their unique blend of raw and melodic punk.

“I would say how we got here is sort of just by trial and error,” Stoloski says. “When we started, we would just write and whatever came out came out. I listen to Disney music in my car so I love melody. But then I also grew up listening to Snapcase. So, I have those two polar opposite vibes contributing to what I do.”

“Our influences are just so different from each other,” Meyers adds. “We can definitely agree on certain things but for the most part, how we interpret each other’s writing is so different. But it works because we sort of challenge each other.”

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WIN FREE TICKETS: Royal Blood @ Underground Arts on Friday!

July 17, 2014

We’re working with the folks at one of our favorite joints, Underground Arts, and we’ll be giving away a ton of tickets to their shows in the coming weeks.

On Friday, Royal Blood will perform in the Black Box with Bad Seed Rising.

Like us on facebook and email us at to enter to win a pair of tickets (give us your name and put “Royal Blood” in the subject line).

If you want to play it safe and get your own tickets, find details for the show here.

Bondage & Discipline: From Guns To Porn.

July 17, 2014

BondageAndDisciplineSmallText and image by Rachel Barrish.

The National Rifle was a band for seven years but this past January, they  announced they were turning over a new leaf.

Bondage & Discipline is the new moniker for Lynna Stancato, Hugh Moretta, Buddy Mazzenga and bassist Alex Baranowski. With an advanced, revamped sound that began creeping into their songwriting last year after releasing their last album as TNR, the band decided to make a big change. The departure of previous bassist Jeremiah Sweeney last August solidified the transition.

“Some people were starting to say, ‘You should change your name because you’re not the same band anymore,’” recalls vocalist and keyboard player Stancato. “With new sound and losing our bass player, it was best to start clean and leave TNR behind us.”

And they’re doing it in an awesome way. The new sound from B&D is reminiscent of CHVRCHES or Phantogram, using samplers and more electronic melodies to create a dark, romantic sound. The band released its first single, “Only Your Love,” in March and is planning to release another this summer. A full-length album is in the works for 2015.

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